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How to run your office more efficiently

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Running an efficient office includes a number of elements – staff, equipment, processes and a healthy order book. However there are some functions that you are probably happily living without but that can really make a difference to your productivity, customer care and bottom line. We’ve worked extensively within the professions and developed a client portal that provides solutions you didn’t even know you needed!

Meetings are vital of course. But unnecessary meetings, just to sign things off, are not the best way for you to manage client time. When you are in front of a client you should be showcasing your knowledge, skills and cementing the relationship. Asking for a signature is just a waste. Imagine being able to do that legally, with a full audit report, online? It’s something we’ve been asked for – so we added it in to our portal. Some of our clients use it to send a batch of documents to many clients at once and they get a daily report to show who has read it, opened it and signed it. That way, they can spend their time chasing the few that haven’t.

Some of our clients handle extremely sensitive data – accountants, solicitors, IFAs for example. Recent news stories throw up the horrors of professionals who have emailed information to the wrong people, emails that have been hacked and data protection guidelines not being followed. Our answer is to build a secure client portal that allows for data exchange – you upload information to the client’s portal and the client collects it safely. It’s the perfect solution to both hacking issues and plain old human error.

We love the fact that clients can collaborate via docSAFE. One document, being held centrally, can be accessed by all authorised parties. No need for confusing email trails, lots of versions of the same thing and, if you are working internationally, you don’t even need to all be awake at the same time!

Other things – automatic back ups, 24/7 access, creating dynamic forms, collating multiple documents into one neat pdf, a branded, good-looking portal – are all part of the docSAFE offering, designed to make your office practices more streamlined and efficient.

Cloud Storage Helps Better Diagnose Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Cloud Storage Helps Better Diagnose Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

Clinical Genomics Services will be launched this Autumn by Stanford University School of Medicine leveraging Google’s Genomics– a cloud-based platform that stores DNA data.

The teaming up of Stanford and Google’s Genomics is expected to help doctors and medical researchers at Stanford to analyse petabytes of genomic data in order to better diagnose and treat cancer and rare diseases, and individualise therapies to patients.

The partnership is considered a great leap in optimising cloud computing to life-saving applications. The project aims to establish a generation of cloud-based tools and applications which can serve doctors and researches to do genome analysis at a tremendously large scale.

In 2014, Google launched Google Genomics, a cloud computing services to genomics research. Using this platform, hospitals and medical research centers like Stanford School of Medicine will be able to securely store and analyse petabytes of genomic data that they collect in the cloud.

The School of Medicine Dean, Lloyd Minor has noted that researchers are facing a huge challenge in utilising big data on health care for individual patients in real time. But he then said that the collaboration of Stanford and Google will help meet this challenge.

Cloud Storage Security, still in place

The huge amount of DNA data that stanford will store in Google’s cloud platform will be secured for the sole access of Stanford University. Stanford Medicine will have the sole authority to control and deploy data in the cloud. Moreover, encryption solutions are also said to be in place to protect DNA data of patients–which is in compliance with the federal law protecting sensitive health information of citizens.

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Just How Safe are Compact Drives for Storing Confidential and Sensitive Information?

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016


Just How Safe are Compact Drives for Storing Confidential and Sensitive Information?

The first quarter reliability report of hard drives for 2016 reveals the lowest quarterly failure rate of 1.84%. This number resulted from over 5 million drive days–or spinning the hard drive.

Of the four hard drive manufacturers tested, HGST proved to be the most reliable with only 1.03% failure rate, while Western Digital has the highest failure rate of 6.55% .

There are three reasons a drive can be considered to have failed. First, it can’t connect to the Operating System. Second, it can’t sync or remain synced; and last, the smart stat they use shows values above the threshold.

Albeit, this first quarter record proves to be the lowest considering the 5.84% failure rate recorded last year, the aggregate result for 2016 is yet to be known.

Cloud Storage Still the Best for Back-up

Sure, consumers wouldn’t spin thousands of hard drives for personal use, but the report shows the risk of storing confidential and important files on compact drives. Specifically, users do not have smart stats to monitor the health of drives and would not handle hard drives with care when carried in schools or in the office.

Hence, storing data in the cloud is one of the safest ways possible to take care of your files. Cloud storage is perfect for back-up storage in case of emergency or disaster.

Doc Safe can help you secure important and confidential files in the cloud. You can send and share them with clients and colleagues in the most secure way possible. With Doc Safe you can be sure of the convenience, security and efficiency of cloud-based collaboration for just a few pounds a month.

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What are your ‘sliding doors’?

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

IMG_6084“The Sliding Door Company doesn’t use sliding doors” – this is a funny social media post currently doing the rounds. Yes it’s funny and ironic BUT we all have a sliding door that we should be using. What does your business do? How do you showcase it? It’s a top marketing tip for any business to talk less and show more. I drove past a design business recently that had its company name and corporate branding displayed in 3 different ways, demonstrating how NOT to brand your business. His sliding door clearly wasn’t in operation.

It’s tougher if you offer a service like accountancy. What you can do though is make sure that the important qualities of an accountant are as visible as possible – be reliable, answer calls promptly, show efficiency, demonstrate a modern approach, use cutting edge software, work in the cloud, operate an excellent client portal and never get your sums wrong!

What’s your sliding door? What should you be showcasing?

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