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Why all kinds of organisations should be using docSAFE

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

We traditionally provide docSAFE to the professions who demand top security and client confidentiality (among other things). However we are seeing docSAFE rise in popularity with other sectors, almost by accident but with very good reason.

You may have seen a mailer we sent out recently that illustrated how the NHS had suffered a huge breach of data of its junior doctors in the north-east. We researched this and found that the NHS staff use of WhatsApp is also widespread which is really worrying.

Organisations that hold any personal data, especially publicly accountable organisations, should be using systems to communicate that are extremely secure. docSAFE has been designed to be secure on a number of key levels – secure login (using 2-factor authentication), secure portal in which to exchange messages and documents, online signing, to be GDPR compliant, offer automatic backups to secure EU based servers and much more.

By using a portal instead of email, for example, the message sit in the cloud until the recipient accesses it. By return, the responses sit in the cloud until the sender accesses it. Both are notified and know the information is there – but it’s locked away safely, staying put, not flying through the ether.

We are expecting more uptake of docSAFE by schools, colleges, universities, doctors and hospitals and similar organisations where security simply cannot be the weak link. Talk to us if you think we can help with your secure communications.

Online pre-recorded webinars

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

We have been busy this month with online webinars that have been well-attended. Due to their popularity (and we attribute this to their brevity!), we have recorded them for any late-comers who wish to know more about developments in online portal functionality.

Both webinars are less than 5 minutes and tell you more (with a live demo) about:

How you electronically sign a document (and why you would want to offer this)

2-factor authentication (and why you should care)

Both offer huge efficiencies to your organisation – find out more by listening. We also welcome any questions you may have by emailing or calling on 0121 794 0685.


Can you be too secure online?

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

No of course not. Online security extends to your website, emails, social media and so much more. At Online Practice, when we are developing software and systems such as docSAFE (our established client portal), security is our number one priority, surpassing functionality and appearance every time. Why create something that is amazing if it’s not secure?

Our layers of security include the inclusion of QR codes, 2 factor authentication, encryption and, of course, the https certification that is currently being pushed hard by Google (see our other blogs for more about this). We believe that a secure site, layered with several other security measures is the most powerful deterrent against hackers. And we can’t stress enough that hackers don’t just target the big boys – they have strong motivation to hack into any site.

We offer unique QR codes alongside online signatures to strengthen security at every level. QR codes are not new but in the fight against online fraud and hackers, they are a being used increasingly as a way of increasing the ‘uniqueness’ of an online signature.¬†We encode the security data within our QR codes, not the signature or date so it is tamper-proof.

Ask us for more information, we are happy to share our knowledge!

Take a close look at your working practices

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Large organisations invest in (what used to be called) ‘time and motion studies’ – where analysts look at every aspect of an organisation in a bid to make it more efficient and cut wasted costs wherever they can. This is probably not something you can afford to do on a day to day basis but it is definitely worth looking across all your areas of productivity to see what you can improve on, say, every few months.

We advocate a number of efficiency measures but the one thing that our clients cannot live without, once they’ve started using it, is the ability to get clients to sign online. We are big fans of face-to-face time with clients BUT for the important things – planning, strategy, a beer… Not admin or process – that’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

Have a look at how you could manage some of your basic paperwork requirements and see if this can help:

  • Collate multiple documents into one neat pdf
  • Send securely via a client portal in the cloud
  • Let the client review the document, sign it and return via the same portal
  • Keep an audit trail of this process
  • Look at reports to see where ALL your clients are in this process – who has signed, who has reviewed, who has returned, who do you need to chase?

We think it’s a no-brainer but talk to us and see if it could help your internal procedures and cut any unnecessary costs involved in this unprofitable part of your daily work.

Know your market

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 09.46.56One thing we are sure of at Online Practice is that we know our market. We work mainly with professional practices – accountants, solicitors, IFAs and others. We chose this market as I’m a trained accountant and understand the pressures faced by the modern day firm. I’d urge any of my clients to spend time looking at the profile of their own.

Case study: We work with a firm of accountants who have a huge number of overseas clients and workers on their books. It goes without saying that it’s really important that should be available to speak with them at more unusual times of the day but surprisingly that they hadn’t factored this in when recruiting or setting office hours. After a few years of the inflexibility shining through (and several lost clients later) they started to operate an early start/late finish team rota so they were much more accessible – simple!

With tax returns on the horizon, we know that our accountant clients have time for little else, particularly during January so we slow down our communications and wait patiently for their attention to return to us in February. We factored this knowledge in when we developed docSAFE, our client portal, so accountants can save lots of time by implementing online signatures. We included clever little reports so they can see who hasn’t signed, what stage each client is at and have the ability to trigger reminders automatically. This saves them lots of time and hassle. However we only know this by talking to clients and having spent time in the sector.

What could you do to better understand your clients?

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