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More than a security blanket

Monday, April 18th, 2016

When you’re considering your internet security, you may give it a passing thought and assume all is safe in your world – “Yes, we have passwords in place and I’m not sure anyone would want to access our data”. But stop for a moment and think about how your professional practice would be compromised if there was any kind of security breach. If your clients’ information were to be accessed, for whatever reason, you would undoubtedly be out of business.

Security exists on many levels. We have basic passwords to provide a first layer of protection. If you are more aware, you may have other layers too. This level of security is in place for intended security breaches. However, what about human error? What about the times when your staff (or you) send client information to the wrong place? It happens, we’re human. We make mistakes. You cannot afford for these mistakes to happen so emailing simply isn’t secure enough.

What about internal security? Are your personnel records safe from prying eyes? Is your precious client data available to everyone? Are you protected against the ever-present threat of viruses? Do you allow staff to use their own memory sticks, disks, drives and CDs? Do you have all of this kind of removable data accounted for?

“Cybercrime and threats to computer systems have become a major concern of businesses around the world. Our growing reliance on IT and the internet has greatly increased the impact of hacking, security failures and the loss of systems. At the same time, cyber attackers have become more sophisticated and organised.” (ICEAW)

We specialise in providing all kinds of IT solutions for professionals. But most of all, we specialise in providing secure IT solutions. Because it really matters.

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