What’s your point of difference?

Hating the term USP, I’m going for ‘point of difference’ instead. It’s just semantics but it’s probably part of my own point of difference – not using unnecessary buzzwords or jargon. So… what does your firm do differently to the rest? What makes your firm the place to go to instead of anywhere else? What would make YOU choose a particular supplier? I like a big firm of Manchester accountants who have a chiller display fridge in their meeting room – full of different kinds of drinks – not just the boring old tea or coffee offering. I like an insurance company who always give you notebooks and pens as you leave as though there’s about to be a national stationery shortage (always very handy). In my local pub, I like the fact that they give visiting dogs a treat and there’s a ready bowl of fresh water for them at the entrance – a really nice gesture. My dentist plays music in the waiting room. My car mechanic always gives me the courtesy car he knows I prefer. You get the picture.

What do you do that’s over and above the norm?


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