Cloud Storage Helps Better Diagnose Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

Cloud Storage Helps Better Diagnose Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

Clinical Genomics Services will be launched this Autumn by Stanford University School of Medicine leveraging Google’s Genomics– a cloud-based platform that stores DNA data.

The teaming up of Stanford and Google’s Genomics is expected to help doctors and medical researchers at Stanford to analyse petabytes of genomic data in order to better diagnose and treat cancer and rare diseases, and individualise therapies to patients.

The partnership is considered a great leap in optimising cloud computing to life-saving applications. The project aims to establish a generation of cloud-based tools and applications which can serve doctors and researches to do genome analysis at a tremendously large scale.

In 2014, Google launched Google Genomics, a cloud computing services to genomics research. Using this platform, hospitals and medical research centers like Stanford School of Medicine will be able to securely store and analyse petabytes of genomic data that they collect in the cloud.

The School of Medicine Dean, Lloyd Minor has noted that researchers are facing a huge challenge in utilising big data on health care for individual patients in real time. But he then said that the collaboration of Stanford and Google will help meet this challenge.

Cloud Storage Security, still in place

The huge amount of DNA data that stanford will store in Google’s cloud platform will be secured for the sole access of Stanford University. Stanford Medicine will have the sole authority to control and deploy data in the cloud. Moreover, encryption solutions are also said to be in place to protect DNA data of patients–which is in compliance with the federal law protecting sensitive health information of citizens.

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