Post-Brexit, how will data protection laws change?

In a nutshell, exactly the way they were about to change pre-Brexit.

The big news is that the way you manage your data and its security is set to undergo a huge change, just as was planned before the big Brexit hoo-ha.

Coming into force in May 2018 we will still officially be part of the EU and therefore subject to its plans for GDPR. It is expected that, once the UK has adhered to the fairly stringent EU rules over data protection, it will continue to uphold them afterwards.

Whilst you may not have GDPR at the top of your boardroom agenda, it is likely you will have to consider it very soon. Tesco Bank recently had to pay out £2.5 million to its customers after a security attack. Had this happened under the new rules, the fine would have been closer to £2 billion. Well worth discussing ahead of time we think.

We work very hard to ensure your data meets all statutory requirements – and more. We can advise and help your organisation move towards complete compliance before the deadline. It’s what we do all day every day. Talk to us and we can help steer you in the right direction.

It’s important that any business holding information on clients is watertight – not just for regulatory reasons but also to protect your clients’ security as well as your own.

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