Hidden gems in docsafe

The latest release of the  docsafe interface for clients, will by default, allow multiple file upload. This is just one of those features that we take for granted but has only recently become a reality for most modern browsers. Take a look at the link below to find out which older browsers still cannot support this feature –  http://caniuse.com/#feat=input-file-multiple

By popular demand, we have created one of our tutorial videos to show how clients can use multiple file upload. We hope you find a useful – http://youtu.be/CjVBp5yNKK8

Please email us at videos@doc-safe.co.uk  if you would like us to make any specific docsafe videos.

We can also make promotional videos to help your clients get the most from docsafe. Here is an example of one we did entitled ‘How easy  is it to sign your tax return through  docsafe’ – http://youtu.be/nRSrWScCZT0


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