About Cloud DM

As part of the Online Practice suite of tools, we can integrate an extremely sophisticated document management system into your website. Consider it your filing cabinet in the sky where you can store, retrieve and back up all your files. It is the way forward! No more silos where everyone works on documents on their own computer – access what you need when you need it.

• Store, retrieve and back up your files from anywhere in the world

• Collaborate with others using our document management system

• Secure, safe access to those who require it

cscloudWith our unique approach, Cloud DM makes it easy for your business to handle your document management requirements. It’s an on demand service that you pay for monthly – Cloud DM makes it extremely easy for you to just sign up and start using.We have made it as quick and easy as possible for you to get up and running with Cloud DM. With flexibility, scalability and access you no longer have to worry about bringing in a complex infrastructure or spending hours setting up.

You don’t always need to be connected. Your Cloud DM will let you work offline, synchronising your information with the cloud when you are next online and giving you an ideal touch point if you want to integrate with other applications.

Go on, get going. After all it is not about the technology it is about your business and making the technology work for you.

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