Why I love the cloud…

It’s no accident that docSAFE is all about the cloud – I can think of no end of reasons why you’d want to work there. It was inevitable that docSAFE would be a cloud based solution as it mirrors our 24/7, fast-paced daily lives where everything needs to be accessible, wherever we are, whenever we want it. What other sort of system could we have contemplated?

Of course ‘the cloud’ doesn’t exist, it’s a conceptual idea that is bandied about as it’s easy to relate to. We store stuff online in a filing cabinet in the sky – but just like heaven it’s not actually in the sky – but sat on some huge server somewhere on the M25 (note: obviously I don’t mean that heaven is on the M25, far from it).

Anyway the reason I love the cloud is that I’ve been able to work on something vital this week despite being thousands of miles away from my office. I had the foresight to store some important files in my own cloud and, when the opportunity arose, I could access them, develop a proposal and sign it off without interrupting my family time. docSAFE and half-term are the perfect bedfellows!

Working in the cloud is either a conscious decision we choose now or, eventually, it will become foisted upon us without us even realising as more and more of our IT is accessed online. It’s the way to go.

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