What is your client XP?

Sorry, starting the post with a buzzword is always against our better principles but embracing the customer experience (XP) is one of 2016’s most trending marketing activities according to Forbes magazine. Put into layman’s terms, you need to see your firm, services, products and customer care from the other side of the fence – the customer’s point of view.

What kind of experience do your customers (or clients)  have when they a) call the office b) ask for help c) see your organisation online d) interact with your staff e) ask for a specific service f) pay the bill? These are just a few pointers to look at. We suggest you plot every point of interaction with your customers – what do they see when they come to your offices? Is the bathroom somewhere you are proud of? Are your drinks anything other than regular?Are your staff welcoming?

Plot every single point and then test drive them with a group of non-clients. Then you could be brave and ask your existing clients to complete an anonymous survey – all in the name of helping you get better. Few people can resist that honesty.

If you need help planning the analysis or execution of your customer XP evaluation, give us a shout.

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