The art of networking just got easier

Networking in its traditional sense is my idea of hell on earth. Early morning meetings with weak coffee, a lukewarm bacon butty and endless small talk and hand shaking before I’m fully awake. Then the horror of speaking OUT LOUD in front of 25+ equally sleepy people about who you are, what you do and what you sell. Not fun.

These days there are the equivalents of types of services for businesses. If you know your market and have a clear focus on the types of clients you want, you are highly likely to be able to find a company that can provide these direct to your door. We came across one such service for financial advisers and accountants – – an ‘in your face’ introduction service. The founder, James Vinicombe, describes the business as one that helps people and businesses find trusted financial and accounting advice. We like the idea – it saves lots of time and wasted energy and connects people.

We completely subscribe to the idea that you employ people to do the things you can’t.


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