Resolve to be better in 2015

Well it is January so the inevitable and predictable “new year, new me” blogs are hitting my computer screen from every direction. But what if you stifle your yawns and put away your cynicism for a while and actually consider how you could make your business more efficient, streamlined and profitable?

Part of my planning for last year was to consolidate my IT knowledge, especially within the accountancy sector, and create a new consultancy business that helps business owners. I joined like-minded, time-served people in a growth accelerator programme and have developed a process that helps business owners in a number of ways.

January is a good time for assessment for most sectors – at tax return time it’s probably not ideal for accountants but at least this busy time of year highlights inefficiencies and areas for improvement. I visited one firm last January who were drowning in admin – I set up online signatures up for them immediately and came back in March to do the rest after they had come up for air.

My approach is to take one step at a time, see how it impacts on your team, clients and profits and then move on to the next improvement.

If you’re still feeling a bit ‘January’ and happily resisting all attempts at resolutions for the year ahead, just start in February!

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