Do you need a brand new brand

It’s a brand new year and the perfect time for brand assessment.  It’s really easy. Look at your business as though you are a customer. Oh, maybe not so easy then. So, why not ask 10 people – staff, customers, friends and family – to look at your ‘brand’ and ask for feedback.

Ask them:

·     What do they think of your logo, name and tagline (if you have one)?

·     At a glance, does your logo, name and tagline tell the world exactly what you do?

·     Is your logo, name and tagline memorable? If so, why?

·     When they look for your firm online, what do they find?

·     Does your firm appear high up on Google rankings?

·     What impression does your website give?

·     Do you use social media? Did your group of critics find your social media sites easily?

·     Does your firm write regular blogs? If so, what did the group make of them?

·     Overall, what impression did your group get from your online presence?

This is really basic but it’s a good place to start. You can commission proper studies for full research but you probably don’t need to go to that level of expense. Your group will tell you what you need to know, and in all likelihood, you already know.

We can do this with you (in a more detailed and structured way) – it’s what we do and we can come up with tried and tested ways to make your online presence work hard for you without it becoming hard work for you.

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