Behind the scenes

What goes on behind the scenes of any organisation isn’t usually something you outline to your customers. But is there ever a time to explain things in more detail? We work in IT on many levels – websites, social media, blogs, software development to name just a few areas. We are extremely security conscious as it is a vital part of our credibility and imperative for our customers’ operations. One of our software features offers a more secure alternative to email – it’s something we shout about, particularly when you are exchanging sensitive data.

However we don’t talk much about the nitty gritty of our approaches to security – researching constantly, keeping ahead of the game – understanding potential security breaches and, as we are now doing, paying just that bit more to ensure we have the best solutions. Maybe there is a time to outline your backroom operations and that’s when it benefits the customer.

Is there something you do (that your competitors possibly don’t) that provides an extra, unseen level of service? If so, it’s worth a discreet mention but be careful to be succinct and don’t scare-monger! If there’s nothing you do that your customers don’t know about, it could be time to implement something new (but more of that in another blog).

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