Why website design trends affect you

Website designs come and go but as long as you are happy with yours, why would it make a difference? Well. there are some trends that impact on us all and here’s why…

Templates sites that all look the same

In the last couple of years there has been a big move towards websites that follow a similar style – big image across the top, minimal navigation and fewer words on the homepage. You’ll know what we mean. However, there is a good reason to follow suit – people know what they’re doing with these kinds of sites, they know where to look for the home page, the navigation, the contact details. It’s all very familiar. Yes, quite samey but familiar. People tend to be comfortable with familiarity although it sounds like a bad deal for the poor old designers.

Long scrolling

No one minds scrolling down to look for the best bits any more – we have become used to it with the increased use of smartphones and tablets. We don’t have to cram everything important in the first blink of an eye. Better for designers too!

It’s all about the images

We know that imagery has become one of our most vital communication tools. Video clips and photos are shown to be more effective than endless tomes and pages full of wordy descriptions. The trend towards using video and larger images is no accident, it capitalises on the research that shows that this is what people prefer. Again, this is as a result of improved graphics and filming capabilities on our mobile devices.

There’s much more trending right now – but it’s important (and easy) to see why things are as they are and how it affects your website. Re-consider it in the light of just these 3 things – a familiar look packed full of scrolling, images and video clips. We believe it’s here to stay.

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