Why should accountants blog?

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Is blogging another one of those 5 minute wonders that marketeers get excited about for little return? We think not. Blogging is beneficial for all businesses, including accountants, for a few reasons. The 2 main, no-nonsense ones that we think will convince you are that:

a) a well-written blog will position you as a credible, informed expert

b) blogs help you get found on search engines.

There are other reasons but how many do you need? An insightful opinion piece that is just 3-4 paragraphs long (can be shorter or longer, depends on your material) and is highly searchable by Google. Google looks for new content continually and a blog is an ideal way to provide it.

Blogging simply requires a platform to do it on and some commitment.

No hard sell but we can do all this for you – just ask us.

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