Take a close look at your working practices

Large organisations invest in (what used to be called) ‘time and motion studies’ – where analysts look at every aspect of an organisation in a bid to make it more efficient and cut wasted costs wherever they can. This is probably not something you can afford to do on a day to day basis but it is definitely worth looking across all your areas of productivity to see what you can improve on, say, every few months.

We advocate a number of efficiency measures but the one thing that our clients cannot live without, once they’ve started using it, is the ability to get clients to sign online. We are big fans of face-to-face time with clients BUT for the important things – planning, strategy, a beer… Not admin or process – that’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

Have a look at how you could manage some of your basic paperwork requirements and see if this can help:

  • Collate multiple documents into one neat pdf
  • Send securely via a client portal in the cloud
  • Let the client review the document, sign it and return via the same portal
  • Keep an audit trail of this process
  • Look at reports to see where ALL your clients are in this process – who has signed, who has reviewed, who has returned, who do you need to chase?

We think it’s a no-brainer but talk to us and see if it could help your internal procedures and cut any unnecessary costs involved in this unprofitable part of your daily work.

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