How strong is your online presence?

This is a great time of year to review things – work practices, your website, how strong your social media is as well as many other parts of your business. A break or holiday sometimes lets you step back a little so you can see areas for improvement. At Online Practice, we look at your online presence in detail. This is a mix of your website, social media and any other activities such as blogs or press activity.

How you are portrayed online is vital to the way you are perceived – by clients, suppliers and even other firms within your sector. A dry, unchanging, outdated website with nothing new can sometimes be worse than not having an online presence at all. It smacks of neglect and a lack of dynamism that is actually not too hard to correct.

A fresh new look to your website to bring it bang up to date, the addition of an interesting blog page and filtering this into bite-size chunks for your social media platforms is surprisingly easy and low maintenance. We can even take it one stage further and create a bespoke monthly newsletter so you communicate with your clients in an informative and regular way.

Talk to us and see how we can advise you to do things better. It’s what we do best.


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