How Brexit affects GDPR

Leaving the EU will not affect the proposed changes in how data is protected and stored in the future. The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has confirmed our view that the laws still need updating to make sure data is secure, regardless of the controversial vote to leave the EU. As we intend to continue trading across borders, so we need to be complicit and demonstrate good levels of ‘adequacy’ when it comes to data protection. It makes complete sense, therefore, that nothing changes and GDPR is here to stay. If you’re catching up, GDPR is the new version of Data Protection and comes into play in the next couple of years. It’s our job to make sure our clients, and followers, understand their role in this – it affects every business of every size.


An ICO spokesperson said:

“The Data Protection Act remains the law of the land irrespective of the referendum result.

“If the UK is not part of the EU, then upcoming EU reforms to data protection law would not directly apply to the UK. But if the UK wants to trade with the Single Market on equal terms we would have to prove ‘adequacy’ – in other words UK data protection standards would have to be equivalent to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation framework starting in 2018. 

“With so many businesses and services operating across borders, international consistency around data protection laws and rights is crucial both to businesses and organisations and to consumers and citizens. The ICO’s role has always involved working closely with regulators in other countries, and that would continue to be the case.

“Having clear laws with safeguards in place is more important than ever given the growing digital economy, and we will be speaking to government to present our view that reform of the UK law remains necessary.”

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