Have you tested your website’s UXP?

More jargon, sorry. User Experience. It’s actually quite important though.

We decide how we’d like to present our businesses through the kind of website we have, the information we display and the interaction and engagement we hope for. What is missing is testing it through the eyes of a potential visitor. We don’t mean the techies snagging it for programming errors. We don’t mean the marketing person checking it for typos. We don’t mean the HR department making sure it’s compliant.

We want you to ask your clients for feedback – get them to go on a thorough and exhausting “user journey” (more jargon but bear with us). Ask someone you trust (or several people) to really test it out. Send messages through the enquiry system (how long is it til they get a reply, if ever?), download information, read a few pages – get them to really test it out and see what they come up with.

It’ll be well worth the extra work and you’ll end up with a far superior UXP.

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