Dare to be different

I was watching someone working the other day – using software I have used for years – and I spotted them doing something. “Stop!” I cried, “What was that?”. They showed me and I have been using it myself now, daily. It was only a shortcut, nothing amazing but it highlighted the fact that there was plenty I didn’t know about software I thought I knew inside out.

The point of today’s long-winded blog intro is that we get stuck in our ways and don’t always seek to be challenged to do things differently. At Online Practice, we have developed a product, and continue to develop it every day, that embraces the way professionals (particularly accountants) work. We have added all sorts of functionality, such as online signing, that some of our clients are still hesitant about (www.doc-safe.co.uk).

The clients who use online signing are ecstatic – it saves time, is efficient and allows them to get on with the business of making money. The software even flags up daily reports on who has signed and who hasn’t, making follow up a doddle.

The ones who are reluctant to use it have worries – is it legal, will it replace client meetings, how do I use it? These niggles are understandable and easily resolved. We work with them to guide them – and before long, they too are wondering how they managed without it.

Considered change is great, it doesn’t have to be life-changing but if it’s something that makes life/work better, then maybe small steps is the way forward. Talk to us about taking a leap of faith and doing things differently in your practice.

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