5 social media top tips

It’s the one thing we know we should be paying just a little bit more attention to but don’t quite find the time, right? Here are 5 tips that will help cover your firm’s social media basics…

1 Make sure all your social media sites look consistent. They should tie in with your website and brand. The theme colours, logo and imagery should all be the same. This tells people they are in the right place. It strengthens your brand recall and it makes you appear as though you know what you are doing.

2 Pick the main social media platforms that suit your business. The obvious ones are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook but do a little research – ask your clients what they use. You might like Facebook but it’s not always the most effective showcase for professional firms. As an admin you’ll see the reach of your platform. If it’s not working, don’t spend too much time on it, if any. You may be surprised to learn which are the most popular platforms – Twitter’s following is miniscule compared to Facebook. However if that’s where your clients are, it doesn’t matter. The quality of your contacts (and not quantity) is more important. Who needs 38,000 dead ends? It’s much better to have 300 strong, relevant contacts.

3 Recycle and re-purpose – Take an interesting article, use it whole on your website, break it down for Facebook and LinkedIn, take even smaller nuggets and soundbites for Twitter BUT include the link to the complete piece to drive people back to your website where they’ll get a much better, more informed outline of your business.

4 Don’t be lazy and use one of the online tools that recycles content for you. It is much better to do it yourself and position content for the platform you are working on. It is always obvious when the same piece of social media has been put through the automatic resizing process as the content just isn’t sharp enough. It really is worth spending just a few moments editing a lengthy paragraph and image from Facebook to a succinct, useful 140 characters for Twitter.

5 Schedule your heart out. It’s a fabulous way of making sure you have fresh content across all of your platforms throughout the week/fortnight/month ahead (depending on how much time you have). It also frees you up to forget about it for a while. In an ideal world you would be updating, refreshing and researching your social media every day. But we don’t live in that world do we?!


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